About Us

Incorporated in Cyprus as an international business company. Registered address is at 12 Michalakopoulou Str. office 401, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Timeturns Holdings Ltd established itself as a holding company, acquiring stakes in fast growing or strategically located companies in different industries and in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Company has a wide business network, carried through invested foreign companies and banks.


We committed to our mission to create shareholder value via medium and long term strategic initiatives. With investments strategically made in Europe, Asia and Afica. we rely on our expectations of high yield returns as these regions promise high grows and stability over foreseeable future. We carefully pick our investments and either monitor performance or take main share and control businesses, what allows us to stay focused to enhance profitability.


The Company's business interests include investments in Telecommunication Sector in Nepal 'Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd', Cambodia 'Latelz Co Ltd', Burundi 'Lacell Su', Sierra Leone 'Intergroup Telecom Ltd', Tanzania 'Benson Informatics Ltd', Uganda 'Suretelecom Uganda Ltd' and Congo DRC 'Yozma Timeturns Spr'.